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Programs Open to the Public:

Animal Tracking Programs in New England,

Quabbin Explorations,

Wildflower I.D. and Forest Ecology,

Birding Programs, and many more

programs to foster nature appreciation and understanding

Upcoming Programs

September 9, 2017 (Saturday): Milk To Cheese: Making Your Own Chevre
September 16, 2017 (Saturday): Milk To Cheese: Making Your Own Feta Cheese
October 7, 2017 (Saturday): The Finer Details and Aging Tracks, with Kent Hicks
October 22, 2017 (Sunday): A Day in Berkshire Bear Country
Friday, November 10 through Monday, November 13, 2017: Fall Four-day Tracking Intensive
December 16, 2017 (Saturday): Animals Preparing For Winter, with Alcott Smith
Our upcoming schedule for fall 2017 through winter 2017/2018 is still under development. Check back soon for an updated list of programs and dates as we are still adding new programs as they are scheduled!

Past Programs - Fall/Winter 2016 to Spring/Summer 2017

Please note: these programs have already taken place - check out the program descriptions to get an idea of the types of programs we offer.

Oct 1, 2016(Saturday): Milk To Cheese: Making Your Own
Oct 8, 2016(Saturday): Tracking: Interpreting the Finer Details and Aging Tracks - with Kent Hicks
Nov 6, 2016 (Sunday): A Day in Berkshire Bear Country
Nov 19, 2016 (Saturday): Bears in the Quabbin
Dec 17, 2016 (Saturday): Animals Preparing for Winter
February 4, 2017 (Saturday): Bobcats, with John McCarter - New Salem, Massachusetts
February 5, 2017 (Sunday): Tracking Fisher, with John McCarter - New Salem, Massachusetts
February 11, 2017 (Saturday): Tracking: Re-learning an Ancient Art - New Salem, Massachusetts
February 18, 2017 (Saturday): Tracking the Eastern Coy-Wolf
February 25, 2017 (Saturday): Tracking with Alcott Smith
March 19, 2017 (Sunday): Scats & Skulls
April 1, 2017 (Saturday): Animal Track Patterns
April 2, 2017 (Sunday): Finding Your Way with Map & Compass
April 8, 2017 (Saturday): Beavers and Otters with John McCarter
May 21, 2017 (Sunday): The Magic of Birding by Ear, with John Green - Belchertown, Massachusetts
Please note that all of the above programs are open-enrollment, for the general public. To book private programs, please contact us via email and/or phone: walnuthilltracking@verizon.net/978-544-6083

Custom Programs:

We can design a program to suit your particular audience and interest,

from easy one-hour walks to all-day excursions,

focusing on the native flora and fauna of Massachusetts and New England.

We also conduct in-depth indoor seminars on animal tracking,

and can travel to your location for evening slideshow presentations.

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Our goal is to share the excitement and wonder we experience in the natural world. The curriculum is designed to provide students with wide and deep opportunities for nature exploration. Our guest instructors are highly qualified, well-respected experts in their fields. They bring a wide variety of skills and knowledge to our programs.

Special Guest Teachers
John McCarter is one of the foremost trackers in the Northeast, and was the primary instructor for Paul Rezendes' tracking programs. John is known for many extraordinary finds, including the first documented case in Massachusetts of male Moose locking antlers in a death struggle, as well as the only dna-verified case of a Mountain Lion in New England since their extirpation many years ago. We are honored to have John back after an extended illness, and glad that he has regained his health.
Bob Leverett is the East's premier interpreter of old growth forests and is credited with discovering many of the previously unrecognized ancient sites here in the northeast. Bob's expertise is unparalled and his opinion is highly sought by professional forest experts, conservation organizations, and the general public. His encyclopedic knowledge of trees and the forest is matched only by his infectious enthusiasm. He has discovered many places of majestic beauty in his search for "the monarchs of the forest." Bob is the co-founder and director of the Eastern Native Tree Society (ENTS).
Alcott Smith is an ecologist of the highest caliber and conducts research and leads field trips for many conservation organizations in New England. From his childhood he has maintained a lifelong commitment and unwavering allegiance to the indigenous fauna of northern New England. Beyond an active role in the perpetuity of endangered species, he revels in sharing his passion with others and excels in his ability to bring to life the relationship between our wild fauna and its habitat.
Kent Hicks uses his tracking skills to assist local and state authorities and search and rescue teams in locating lost and missing persons. He has trained Royal Canadian Mounted Police, FBI agents and other law enforcement personnel. Kent's tracking knowledge of humans and animals is unexcelled. An "un-sung" talent, he is considered by many trackers to be the region's leading expert on aging of tracks and sign.
John Green is a reknowned naturalist and professional photographer. He has lived in Western Massachusetts for over thirty years and travels widely exploring and documenting nature with his awe-inspiring photography. He is an extraordinary birder, and his specialty is bird calls and songs. John leads programs for many prestigious organizations, and we are honored to have him teach for us!

"Ultimately, tracking an animal makes us sensitive to it-- a bond is formed,an intimacy develops.
We begin to realize that what is happening to the animals and to the planet is actually happening to us. We are all one.
Tracking and reading sign help us to learn not only about the animals that walk in the forest -- what they are doing and where they are going -- but also about ourselves.
For me, this interconnection
is survival knowledge and the true value of tracking an animal."

- Paul Rezendes, Tracking and the Art of Seeing

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